So I was taking a 135 and I knocked out, put in my…

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So I was taking a 135 and I knocked out, put in my soothing balm and waited for it to eat my kibble, I put spikes around it just in case. Then when I came back it was at like 83 percent and I was pumped, I leave it for a second to go get my Pteranodon but it was gone, then when I looked back THESE FREAKING BUMHOLES WERE KILLING IT AND MY PTERANODON WENT TO GO FIGHT THEM AND IT DIED. So then I get SUPER PISSED OFF and I pull my gigs and call the tribe to hunt them down and kill them, we found their base with the parasaur and then we POPCORNED EVERYTHING, KILLED ALL OF THEIR TAMES, AND DESTROYED THEIR BASE, they got super mad and left the server and I eventually found a 145 and tamed it peacefully.

The End.

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