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In my opinion, they're cheap Argy's. I mean, they're way harder to tame, you have to deal with that respect crud, and they don't even deal as much damage. Also, they all pretty much look the same, while with Argy's you can get a varied colour palette. Argy's can also carry more creatures, too. The only perks of a griffin are: 1. Prestige. 2. They can glide 3: You don't need a saddle 4: You can fire from their backs 5: They're multi passenger. But, is all that worth staring at a screen for, like, 6 hours?!? With an Argy, you can just hold a second player in it's talons, and that's multi passenger, and that player can fire, too. I'll also be posting this in Argy, too. One like = One respect for Argy's!

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