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Griffins are pretty fun to fly around, personally it wasn’t hard to tame but they were low levels (27) so ima tell you about how they fly and since this is the mobile version of griffins I’m explain how to get the hang of it. As your sprint and face your griffin downwards, they do something called “dive” and you basically gain more speed and the more you look downwards the faster you go and if you do this and dive straight to the ground you cause area damage maybe around 60 damage. Another thing is if you dive but instead of hitting the ground and you look upwards and start flying normally you keep the speed for a little longer making your “sprinting” speed faster than usual, the boost in speed’s time limit depends on how long and how fast your were diving too. Also if you have anything in your players hand, for example a spyglass, it would not allow your griffin to dive, your players hands have to be empty in order to do it. A griffin also doesn’t require a saddle, like a dire wolf and a griffin is able to carry two passengers so if your flying around, high above the ground and you notice that you about to run out of stamina and don’t have time to go to the ground you can just switch sits and your griffin slowly regains it’s stamina. A griffin can fly the same way as a tapejara, they can fly from side to side and front and back, they don’t fly as good as a tapejara but still very similar. I would really recommend on getting he gold chain for your griffin to boost its stamina and speed helps out a lot. I also recommend on breeding and imprinting on a baby as quick as you can to get the best experience of fly around on a griffin, anyways that’s pretty much it that you need to know of flying a griffin I hope this helped out in anyway possible and wish you the best. -V

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