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GUYS GUYS today something very strange happened i wanted to tame a griffin but im not lvl 85 and my name is Tom not a griffin surname so i bought i name ticket and tried to use it to tame but people sayed it does not work so i said to my self what if i used a mindwipe so that what i did i changed my name to Tomzar then used the mindwipe i leveld my self to 42 (i was level 75) then i go to the griffin mountain then the game crashed when i entered again i returned to my base again and i see a name ticket in my inventory but my name is Tomzar and i did not use the mindwipe but i unlearned all my engrams and i got 1080 engram point WTF then i realized that it was a glitch that it get me back to the time where i did not use the ticket or the mindwipe but thier effect is still work i used the mindwipe again and my engrams was -775 i leveld my self again to 42 and go to the mountain and i saw a two griffins the first griffin lvl 10 respected me but the other lvl 100+ did not so my thinking of all that the name change ticket is actually work but you need a mindwipe what do you think guys? (Sorry for my bad English iam Arabic)

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