So once, I has a 467 royal griffin.

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So once, I has a 467 royal griffin. I wanted to fight a giga. But I didn’t cuz I was afraid to lose my griffin. So. I saw a uni. But when i was taming it. Three purlovias came up and a max dire and a giga. It was my worst nightmare. I ran lucky but my griffin is almost dead. I went back home and wanted to tame a wolf and giga. I tamed another max dire, but I couldn’t tame a giga. I saw a 235 giga almost at full torpor. I killed the purlovias. And tamed it. I just murdered all the wolfs and silos and alphas. But. Then a titan. Attacked. I got all my little pets away. But all my pets died and my griffin. I hated Titans ever since. (My griffin was named Charlie. Pray for Charlie guys. Pray that Charlie can come back.

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