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Step 1. Tame a blue one. Step 2. Max it's level all on speed. Step 3.paint it's teeth a less repulsive color(optional) . Step 4. Name it sonic. Step 5. Put it on wandering and aggressive. Step 6. Unclaim it. Step 7. Struggle to hold back the laughter as your friends are killed by sonic. Step 8. Be assualted by your angry friends seeking revenge for being murdered by sonic. Step 9. Tell them it wasn't you. Step 10. Lead them to your "treasury" to "get replacements" for the things they lost to sonic and let them find out it is in fact the room you lured sonic to to kill them. Step 11. Get another sonic identical to the last but opposite gender breed the two sonics name the baby sonic rinse and repeat. Step 12. Make up for killing your friends by giving them each a baby sonic. Step 13. Open the original Sonic's inventory and take all of their stuff it stole. Step 14. Don't feel guilty and if they try the same on you then challenge them to a sonic battle. step 15. Lots of free stuff to use

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