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Wanna know the ark storyline by cynatic ember have playing ARK since shortly after it’s initial EA release in June of 2015. Ever since the first Explorer Notes were released I’ve been fascinated by the story and background of the game. I’ve watched countless videos, listened to commentaries, read comments, theories, etc… And very few people really seem to have a cohesive image of what’s going on and why, or even a general timeline of events.

Frankly, I doubt that we have been given enough information for any one person to be 100% correct about everything, but I’m going to write down what I believe is a pretty solid account and I will be using Explorer Notes and maybe Dossiers (if applicable) as references, just so I can prove what I’m saying.

So yeah, let’s get started:

The Inciting Incident

We awake in a mysterious land without having any memory of how we got there. The ecosystem seems pretty standard, but our attention is immediately arrested by the three enormous free-floating s

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