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Rockwell is one of the most interesting characters on the ark, ranging from what he used to be to what he is now. So let’s talk about him! In this tip I’ll explain what actually happened to Edmund Rockwell from ark to ark. So let jump in!

Ark: The island

In this ark Rockwell wasn’t really corrupted as he was obsessed with the potential of the infamous obelisks that hovered in place. In fact he was so obsessed with it he lied to nerva (the presumed alpha tribe) closer to the obelisks saying they could be turned into a weapon, nerva being a warlord, this obviously caught his attention right away this was his first sign of corruption.

Ark: scorched earth

This is where he developed his own superiority complex. Whenever Helena walker talked to him, he would always position himself as the superior one. One of the key notes in S E is when Rockwell poisoned a victory feast when the tribe he was in defeated the manticore (gaining element) before then stealing the element for himself.

Ark: Aberration

Rockwell was fascinated by this environment as it provided him with test subjects. But then was cut off. This sent him in a downward spiral where he injects himself with element “to test its affects on the human body”. The notes he wrote this point forward were demented drawings with text as if he wasn’t the one talking. This is where Rockwell completely lost it. And the element took him over completely turning him into the boss on abberation: “Rockwell” more specifically was “Edmund Rockwell”.

Ark:Gen 1

Upon gaining access to the gen simulation, he implanted himself in code as what we know as the corrupted master controller, where survivors who got to him were offered mercy “only if they joined him”. If they did they became his minions both in the simulation and outside.

Ark Gen:2

It’s unknown how Rockwell retrieved his body from the abberation wreckage and got himself on the genisis ship. But Rockwell hit rock bottom in his search for his form of ascension, by digging a deeper hole for himself. Upon implanting himself in the Boros sector, he mutated and developed a very unusual environment, the creatures inside were mutated becoming R- Dino’s, he also created summoners and shadowmanes to defend the sector from the genisis ship crew we know as the federation. As the federation uncovers more about what happened to the boros ring, all access of the ring was restricted. Rockwell when confronted with federation personnel. Rockwell scolded them, and insulted them for being “as pathetic as to defy a god”. He also gave them the option to “plea for mercy” and upon defying him in a note from 2 federation units, one escaped while the other had the life sucked out of him by a noglin.

And upon finally defeating Rockwell as you (the player) you watch a cutscene you being ejected from the ship, and HLN-A talking with Rockwell, Rockwell prime “What… Stayed behind to gloat?” H “I’m here to help you… Edmund” R: “I’ve survived much worse” R “I promise you I’ll get out of this~… I WILL” H “It’s much to late for that” R “all I wanted… was the same power She (Helena) Squandered!” R “Its so bright~… Helena? *quivering voice* I’m afraid…” H “shh… She knew…) *static* followed by a massive explosion caused by the genisis ship’s destruction. And the player having the last message from HLN-A

Thx for reading! :D

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