Here’s a few thing about rock drakes

They can turn invisible. I use it to go into drake nest area pick up and egg and run.

They can climb. Climb the surfaces of anything at this rate you can even leave them on your ceiling.

They detect reapers. Reaper king or queen of an enemy, ally, or wild is detected by the feathers it the feathers widen and just seem weird it means a reaper is nearby!

They glide. Ofc they glide gliding is nice especially since it’s like the best movement tame in aberration.

Color 213. It’s a rare color only from mutations color 213 and is very rare.

Baby drakes eat nameless venom. Unlike the annoying nameless, nameless venom is very useful you can feed your drakes and 1 is 300-400

Multiply current food by 15 then divide by 60 then divide by 60 again

Example: 2200 food x 15 is 33000 divided by 60 is 550 divided by 60 is 9.16 hours

Hope this was helpful


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