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My personal Egg Raiding Technique:

I usually use the Upgrade Station Mod, farm resources like an idiot, upgrade my Armor to the Max, for close combat fights, get sword and do the same.If you don't wanna get to close, upgrade another Weapon of your choice. Then go and slay them and afterwards comfortably steal the eggs.

Recommended Equipment:

Climbing Hooks

Hazard Suit (Maxed)

Sword/TekSword (Maxed)

Other Weapon of choice (Maxed)

Enough Ammo (I recommend atleast 100-200)

Cryo Pods

Friends (If you, unlike me have some playing Ark)

Tanky Mount

If you didn't level you Melee DMG, I wouldn't recommend close Combat

Hope this maybe helped,

A close combat ARK Maniac

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