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Rock Drakes

Encountering - Drake Cave is hidden in one of the purple forests in Asgard, beware of radiation! It’s situated in one of the corners of the biome I believe.

Egg Stealing - Bring a strong mount, drakes pack a punch! 10k hp tame and 500 base damage recommended for higher level drakes. Andrewsarchus’ protection from radiation and raw power is recommended.

Egg Hatching - Eggs need around 2k hypothermic insulation (very cold) so use a dimetrodon with high melee (found in balheimr) or use air cons.

Raising - Baby drakes only eat nameless venom, mine this from orange cracked rocks in the aberration cave, purple geode cave in the southeastern Vannaland beaches. Drakes also imprint with the venom. Remember to grab some red gems in the cave for the next step!

Saddle - The saddle requires 225 fiber, 350 hide, 125 metal ingots and 85 red gems (remember the last step?) They also have an expensive TEK saddle for those end game players.

Congrats! You now have the perfect traveling/combat/stealth tame! The drake can be used for stealing Wyvern eggs under invisibility mode, and to escape in a pinch. Thanks for reading this ARK Guide!

- BrokeGibbon

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