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You can get the eggs on fjordur

They are in a cave on Asgard I will tell step by step how to get them there

1. Get Hazard gear: The cave has radiation so you have to have this gear

2. Get a spino: They are immune to radiation, so it will be a big help

3: Get a flyer of your choice

4. Head to Asgard on fjordur: Go through the portal in the “cave” with the portals

5: Locate the cave: The cave is in the area with the purple trees, locate that cave and suit up (WARNING Shadowmanes are in that area)

6. Go into the cave with your spino

7. Pick off any lone drakes you can find, this will help clear the area of the egg

8. Find a nest, and grab the egg, doing this will make ALL of the drakes in the cave aggro on you, so back into a corner with the spino and fight them off (Or sprint out as fast as you can)

9. Hatch your egg

10. Enjoy the drake!

There are also tan rocks in the abberation cave on main map fjordur, if you mine them they give nameless venom, this can be used to raise the drake.

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