Rock Drake

Behavior: Aggressive

The Rock Drake is a cave dwelling creature in abb. They are seen scouting the area for any potential egg thieves, like you human. They can camouflage to hide in plain sight. While it’s easy for humans and dodos alike to see them, other creatures... Not so much. This makes them key for stealing other eggs such as Magmasaurs. They can also scale up walls like the scary rabid Megalaina. They can also almost fly, glide through out abbreviation. Camo plus climbing plus gilding makes a deadly creature. If you see this dragon subtype, BEWARE!


Taming a drake is different than usual. Instead of knocking it out, you instead steal it’s eggs. I will walk you through how I did this feat of a task. On towards the egg stealing!

You will need: 1 tribemate, 1 Aberrent Spino/Megalo/Barry/Rock Drake (My human used a spino), One Megalaina/Climbing Picks, 3 full Hazard suits (I drank mushroom stew), And one cryopod.

First, head to these cords: Lat 62, Long 68. This is where you will start

Second, head down the trail. TIP: dismount your dino before touching the ground to prevent fall damage)

Third, When you arrive, Let the spino kill all the drakes

Fourth, Let the Megalaina steal the eggs

Fifth, Get out of there!

Sixth, cryo the Spino

Seventh, Climb back up the trail (Your tribemate can whistle follow for the mega to come down)

Lastly, Hatch those eggs!


You will need: One-who-shall-not-be-named vemon, 1 generator, 1 straight wire, 1 outlet, and 15 air conditioners.

First, place the cons in a circle

Second, add the generator, wire, and outlet

Third, fuel and turn on the generator

Fourth, drop the egg and wait for it to hatch

Lastly, Once it hatches, feed it vemon and BOOM! You got yourself a Rock Drake! Make sure to have fun with it!


More Rock Drake Encountering Tips