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{first defense scenario}

Scenario: the allos are the first to come in, and are already buffed with the energized buff from the yuty. There are 30 of them, and the tek turrets and velonasaurs are hard at work mowing them down. By the time they reach the titano, there are only ten left, separated into two packs of five. The allos are taken down within seconds, but the titano has been equipt with the bleeding effect. This slows it down, allowing the daedons and yuty to catch up. They are hardly able to do anything about being brought down by the turrets, but they now have your new coordinates and the quetz dropships are near. 30 seconds later, the quetz dropships arrive and they turn out to be escorted by tek saddles taps. They are easily killed, but you are bombed by the quetz’s dodobombs. This clears out the top part of your base, and deals massive damage to the titano. The quetz are eventually taken out by the tropeos and drakes, but you have heavy casualties. Up for more of these!

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