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Cool scenario (but this time it’s defense)

Setting: tribes mobile titano base, current position: plains, enemy attacking with allos, yuty, daedon, and quetz dropships with dodo bombs and other fliers. Amount unknown

Base: on titano plat saddle (6 tek auto turrets on top, base level one: armory. Level 2: electrical stuff. Level 3: storage)

Creature 1: Velonasaur (12 positioned on top in turret mode, 8 others total positioned on balconies around base, also on turret mode. 4 others loaded into quetz dropship.)

Creature 2: rock drake (4 clinging invisibly to the sides of the base, tek saddles equipt, ready for takeoff on a moments notice.)

Creature 3: tropeoganthus (4 total equipped on runway on top of the base, 2 with tek grenades, 2 with other grenades of choice.)

I don’t have enough characters left for this so I will make the scenario starting with {first defense scenario}

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