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Taming these things are confusing, but I believe I have figured out how they work.

Step 1 is to kill a wild rhynio (can be any gendrr) to get the pheromones, next it is best to make a trap, the best design i know of is basically a stone dino gate griffin trap, but with behemoth gates. Next you want to find a high level wild female rhynio. Think of the level of the rhynio as the taming effectiveness you will recieve 150 being max. Next you need to lower the rhynio to below 10% hp, you can net them to make this easier. Once it is below 10% hp you need a mount with a high drag weight in order to inherit the best stats, carch/giga have best chances. Feed the creature the phermone and mount it. The rhynio should impregnate it within a few seconds. DO NOT CRYOPOD THE DINO IT IMPREGNATED! YOU WILL LOOSE THE BABY! once your tame is impregregnated it will go through a gestation period and ask for cravings. It is important you furfill as many as possible as they have a major effect on the level the offspring will be and the stats inherited. Once the timer is complete your dino will fall unconscious and die, however you will now have a new perfect tame rhynio!

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