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The night was dark and I did so fart, my trike my dilo and…

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The night was dark and I did so fart, my trike my dilo and I sat in silence away, on the north shore path close to the argies a loud roar abrupted and a red Rex went forth unhunted, I took my trike and ran I tried to fight but itโ€™s foot was a mere nine hundred. A bronto awoke to the sound of destruction and more and fought to the gore, Brontos, trikes and argies amore tried to defeat this for the will to live but all that would end would be dead bodys on the floor, I escaped to an island but how I was wrong the red Rex followed and killed all herbivores, but the hero of today is still well on his way so sit tight and Lisbon to the might of this beast. A titanosaur went to fight and killed the red rex and to this day the hero lives in my land of the island of herbivores. (P.s I tamed the titanosaur because he was low health and thatโ€™s how I got a titanosaur before a dodo)

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