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One time I had an amazing ape , we went everywhere…

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One time I had an amazing ape , we went everywhere together, I got him berries to eat and we would eat together, until one day he stopped taking care of me, he wasnโ€™t here anymore, he had left me, And I was left to be judged by the ark gods on my future, I was unclaimed and I was about to die. Until, I see in the chat, โ€œlook here! A lvl 450 Giga ape!โ€ That sir claimed me and the rest of the apes with me, we were together now, but then, my old ape cane back. He was angry. He shot my new friend and killed him and took the rest of his stuff, I wasnโ€™t very happy. He was my original friend who took care of me, so I grabbed my new friends sword and attacked my old Master. He left and I am here today still, with my new friend that bad old master killed. He came back on , my new friend came back on, unlike my old bad master, he took care of me and continued to love me, I now have a family, Iโ€™m a great great great great great grandfather now, I love watching my children grow.

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