Here is part two of the rise of Tickle chicken, ( the one…

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Here is part two of the rise of Tickle chicken, ( the one with the new player that tamed the army of tickle chicken)

When the rest of the server logged on they were killed immediately, he used the rest of the server to make him and under water palace, taming hundreds of mosas and eels and pleasiosaurs and megas, the tickle chickens took over the server, the “new player” lived as a king, until there were no more pursuits, no more adventures no more things to do, he had done everything. an army of 3,000 built the largest house there was, he didn’t need anything else. He was finished. After countless hours of determinism he didn’t go any further. He locked his treasure on carnivore island protected by his gigas and rexs, and remember, the next time you see a theranozinosaurous or tickle chicken, remember the “new player” the king of Ark Survial evolved

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