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PoV: you have Luck Perks:

*finds a duffel bag*

"Ooo, lemme see what's inside!"

2,000 Caps

⭐️ Furious Fat Man

5 Mini-Nuke

2 Fusion Cores

⭐️ Instigating C. Shotgun


"...wHAT THE FU-"

-Nate the Sole Survivor

Quick Glossary:

Nate: the canon name for the male character in fallout 4

Sole Survivor: The Canon title for fallout 4

Caps: the currency in most fallout games

Fat Man: a portable nuke launcher

C. Shotgun: Combat Shotgun

Mini-Nuke: Stock Fat Man Ammo

Fusion Core: expensive ammo for the Laser Gatling and Power Armor

Instigating: Legendary Perk that does 2x dmg when target is at full health

Furious: shoots twice with one ammo


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