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Ark dev 1: hey let’s make a new creature

Ark dev 2: sure, what do you want to implement?

Ark dev 1: let’s take the allosaur idea, I’d like that

Ark dev 2: continue

Ark dev 1: let’s make it scary as heck

Ark dev 2: ok

Ark dev 1: let’s give it the roar of a demon

Ark dev 2: uhh.. ok

Ark dev 1: let’s make it so hard to tame that no one wants it

Ark dev 2: maybe this is a litt..

Ark dev 1: hush. Let’s make players have to get pregnant to tame it

Ark dev 2: oh well…

Ark dev 1: let’s cover it in spikes

Ark dev 2: this is getting out of hand…

Ark dev 1: let’s make it shoot weird ball things from a weird tail

Ark dev 2: I guess

Ark dev 1: let’s make it tunnel under ground an attack when you least expect

Ark dev 2: oh dear…

Ark dev 1: let give it ridiculous amounts of health

Ark dev 2: is that it?

Ark dev 1: yup

Ark dev 2: were going to get so much crap for this…

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