(Sorry it took so long, I have school and a lot of things to take up my schedule.

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(Sorry it took so long, I have school and a lot of things to take up my schedule. Also there's been a glitch and my new story isn't showing up. Also to the person who said I should be a story writer, I am! I just haven't published anything yet. So anyways, on with the story.) Bob sat up in his rocking chair, yawning as his otter, Toby, curled up on his lap. It had been a quiet evening, just him enjoying a cup of tea, until Blue, his reaper, stomped up to him. It had been a few months, and Blue has grown so high that Bob could ride him. Bob gave Blue a few pats on his pure black snout and continues to drink his tea. Toby wriggled off Bob's lap as Jack came into view. "Hey, Bob?" "Yeah?" "I've been wondering about Blue. I mean..he's so strong, and he killed an entire herd of Mammoths yesterday so..." "Yeah?" "I want a reaper." "Oh great. You've gone crazy." Bob muttered. "So let me get this straight. You want a mutated t-rex sized alien creature to forcefully impregnate you with a mutated baby worm, and then have your new child rip itself from your chest?" "Bob, I just want something strong. You know that all I have is a Compy and a bulbdog." "Fine...We'll go out tomorrow." Bob said, finishing his tea. He got up and went inside, followed by Toby. He saw Jack muttering to himself as he walked away. Bob put his cup in the sink and walked to his bed. He pulled on his pajamas and sat down on his bed. After half an hour of reading, he felt sleepy. He lay down as Toby curled up next to him. Tomorrow was going to be an adventure, and he needed his sleep. Turning off the light, he closed his eyes. (Thanks for reading! New story later today! -Boa)

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