(Okay so I was playing Untitled Goose Game all day…

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(Okay so I was playing Untitled Goose Game all day yesterday so I didn't really have time to write the fifth??? chapter. Anyway here's the story) Bob yawned and stretched as he looked out the window. Toby crawled over him and disappeared out the door. Bob pulled some fresh, clean clothes on and followed Toby. He made some coffee and sat in his rocking chair, drinking it. He went over to Jack's house and knocked on the door. "Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Time to find a reaper queen!" He sung. He heard a sleepy sounding voice say, "Coming!" Before Jack wandered out the door in his leather clothes. "Cool shirt." Said Bob as they walked to Blue. He leaned down, and they both climbed onto his back. Jack pulled out a book and started reading. They walked for a while until they found a big cave. They entered and left Blue at the entrance. They kept walking. And walking. And walking. And-Oh they're there. A reaper queen glared at them from the shadows, and Bob fired an arrow at its eye. She roared, stepping out of the shadows. "Alright, dodge her acid blasts." Hollered Bob, shooting another arrow at her. She waved her tail as Bob tossed a small knife at her. It sunk deep into her leg. She roared and began to fight harder. Suddenly, she stopped. Pink pheromones spread from her back. "Go on, Jack." Said Bob, clapping him on the back. Jack stepped forward, trembling. The queen stretched her tail out and grabbed him. He tussled with her for a few seconds before the pulsating thing in her tail planted a reaper inside him. He screamed, struggling. She dropped him and burrowed back into the ground. Jack wobbled and fell to the ground. Bob groaned and picked him up. Welp, the job was done. (Thanks for reading! -Boa)

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