(Frick it I'm not waiting for people to give me ideas) "Morning, sleepyhead.

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(Frick it I'm not waiting for people to give me ideas) "Morning, sleepyhead." Jack yawned, pouring himself the sixth cup of coffee he had that night. Bob yawned and looked over to Jack. "Where's that..Thing." He asked, wincing as he touched his chest. "He's in the closet." Answered Jack, yawning. "I've had to feed him each hour." Jack said, showing Bob a bandaged arm. "Ouch." Bob responded. He rolled out of bed and looked into the closet. "That thing almost killed you. I wouldn't be looking for it" Jack said, taking a sip of coffee. Something jumped at Bob's face. He screamed and crawled backwards. The reaper king crawled onto his chest and curled up. It fell asleep. "Shoot." Bob said. He gently picked it up and placed it on a pile of clothes. "You were out for a whole day." Yawned Jack. "Well, having an mutated alien worm bursting out of your chest takes a lot out of you." Said Bob. He stood up and walked over to the door. The smell of coffee greeted him. He changed his bandages and put a shirt on. Then, he sat on the couch and drank his coffee. He looked out the window to see Silver, his rock drake, pacing with a rabbit in her mouth. The baby reaper walked out of his room and crawled onto the couch. "I think it thinks your its mother." Said Jack, walking out of the room. "Well, he did burst out of my chest." Responded Bob. Jack yawned and grabbed a book. "I bought this off of Harley." Said Jack, tossing the book to Bob. He looked at the cover. "How to take care of baby reapers." He traced his hand over the letters and flipped it open. "Step one. How to acquire a reaper." He read. 'To acquire a baby reaper, first you must find a reaper queen. After some tussling, she will pick you up and implant the reaper embryo inside you. At that point, you have twelve hours to prepare for the birth of your reaper. I suggest building a small room to give birth in. When the time comes, you may feel some chest pain. The baby reaper is trying to escape you. I suggest sitting still and waiting. Right before the baby escapes your chest, you will feel white-hot pain in the chest area. Sit still, and the reaper will crawl out of you, leaving you severely wounded. I suggest you drink a few healing serums and bandage the wound. Give the baby some meat, and it will be sustained for a while.' He read. "Huh. Useful." He said, putting the book down. He watched out the window until he grew tired. Then, he went to bed and fell asleep with the baby reaper sleeping on his chest. (Awesome! You finished the 2nd chapter. Cheers! -Boa

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