A man named Bob walked into a cave with his rock drake at his side.

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A man named Bob walked into a cave with his rock drake at his side. He saw yellow eyes peering at him from inside the cave. He got on his rock drake. "What the heck?" He muttered as he walked deeper into the cave. A twenty-foot tall black beast roared at him. "What the heck!" He screamed. Dodging a blast of acid. He pulled out a bow and fired an arrow at the reaper. It roared, and he kept shooting arrows at it. Soon, a pink glow surrounded it's back. He went closer, and before he could even realize what was happening, the creature grabbed him in her tail. "Ahhh! Let me go! Let me go!" He screamed as it studied him. A sharp, pulsating thing in the middle of the reaper's tail shot into his chest. He screamed in pain. He felt something injected into him before the reaper removed its tail from him and dropped him. He watched as it burrowed into the ground. He reached into his pocket and drank a healing serum before he slowly walked to his rock drake. He got on it's back and ran out of the cave. When he was at home, he ran to his bedroom and screamed into a pillow. "What did that thing do to me?" He wondered as he sat up. That night, he went to bed. The next day, he found his good friend Jack and asked him about a 'Giant alien rex thing' Jack looked at him in horror. "Dude..You mean a reaper?" Asked Jack in horror. "I guess." He responded. "It picked me up and did something." Jack shrugged. "It uh..Probably just did something." He whispered as he walked off. Bob shrugged and began to cut a tree. A few hours later, a searing pain in his chest woke him up. He gasped from the pain and kneeled on his bedroom floor. "What..Did that thing..Do.." he whispered to himself as he covered his chest with both hands. Suddenly, the sharpest of all pains made him gasp. He felt something trying to escape him before he felt something bite him. He gasped and felt his chest. It was slightly swollen and he panted. Suddenly, he screamed. A feeling of something escaping him burned through his body as his chest swelled to twice its usual size. "Ahhhh! Help!" He screamed. The sound of someone busting down the door met his ears. Jack rushed into his room. "What's happening! What's-Oh no." He panted as Bob screamed. "Bob..That creature..Impregnated you." He said as Bob screamed. A dark black head made itself out of his chest. He screamed as Jack rushed to him. The creature wiggled and screamed. Bob screamed with it. Suddenly, it fell out of his chest and plopped to the ground. It scuttled into a corner of his room. "It's a baby boy." Jack said as Bob slumped against his bed. Jack exited the room and entered with bandages. He wrapped them around the huge wound on Bob's chest. Bob climbed into his bed and immediately fell asleep. That morning, Bob woke up to the creature sat on the edge of his bed. It scuttled down and Bob fell right back asleep. (What should I do next? Ideas? If you have some ideas, use @Titanboa to give me an idea. Thanks for reading! -Boa

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