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hard process to tame use a trap the consists of 6 small stone dino gates. luke a giga trap but smaller. 2 long 1 wide. place 5 down with doors. once that has happen lure in the queen place down the last door and gate to trap it. leave a small space between the gates. make sure you bring bulbdogs 1 or 2. to be safe I brought 3 charge lanterns to set up around it. the light let's you do more damage to the queen. get her weak and use ranged attacks then around 1k to 500 health go underneath and she will inject you with a reaper baby. this injection process might take up to 5 minutes. do not kill her she will defen all her health for multiply attempts. pump shotguns are recommended. focus here this is important. once you get impregnated focus on getting the baby back to base safely. focus on the timer after wards if you die the baby will get you or get a new host when someone takes the body. the queens preferably inject people who are alone and dark so remove all light and back away -king

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