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The Shift

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The Shift

A fanfiction by SilverWings

Chapter 7

Tealfeather turned away from the gruesome sight. Her mind was whirring. *Who was Star?* *How did Father know him?* *Why... *she swallowed thee lump in her throat.* Why did he kill him?* Bloodfeather nudged the corpse into the bushes and started walking in the direction of the ribcage. *I'm not going to make it back before him.* she realised.

Teal ran toward the ribcage, leaving a wide gap between her and her father at all times. In her haste, she failed to notice the raptor still lurking in the trees. Didn't notice the tears streaming down his face. Certainly didn't see the cold, determined anger on his face.

Teal slowed when she reached a small grove of trees, close enough to the ribcage to faintly hear the voices of her fellow raptors. She dared to look back at Bloodfeather, and to her got to, he was peering intently at the trees she was concealed in. Tealfeather kept as still as she could, silently praying that her father hadn't noticed her. Bloodfeather's gaze bore into the trees for what felt like hours. The sun was beginning to set, and with it, the temperatures dropped. Teal suppressed a shiver. Finally, Bloodfeather looked away and kept walking. Tealfeather let out a heaving sigh of relief. She ran around the back of the camp, where she knew there was a small space that she could squeeze through. Teal peeked through the small gap and saw Bronzefeather sleeping soundly near it. Now that the sun had fully set, almost all the raptors were asleep. Tealfeather silently crept up to her brother and curled her tail around his. Teal fell asleep quickly, but her dreams were filled with screaming raptors and Star's weak voice.

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