Iguanadons are lifelong companions.

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Iguanadons are lifelong companions. They are fast as raptors but have infinite stamina and can hit just as hard.

I tamed my Iguanadin at level 16 and we were very close. She was a beautiful white with multicolored specks down her spinal ridge. I named her Orangespeck. I guessed for her saddle as soon as I unlocked it. She was always there when I needed berries or simply to explore a new area on foot.

I play on console, and there are events. One night, I was harvesting berries on my trike, Goldenstreak. I was about to obliterate a berry bush when a 'Super Turkey' that was level 250, ran under my feet. At that moment I knew Goldenstreak was gone. The turkey hit Orangestreak instead. She was on Neutral. She hit one. I dismounted from my trike and desperately tried to flee on Orangespeck. She died while I tried to run.

R.I.P. Orangespeck. I hope where ever you are now is a better place than the island.

I still never got over her death. One Up = One F


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