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The Shift

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The Shift

A fanfiction by SilverWings

Chapter 5

They made their way back to camp, not speaking, conserving their limited energy. The sun reflected off Bronzefeather's pale green scales, shining into Tealfeather's eyes. She nearly missed the other raptors when they came into her line of sight. The disheveled group were wandering toward the ribcage of some large creature. It had been dead a while, no stench of decomposition coming from the pristine bones. Teal spotted Scarletfeather, Indigofeather walking beside her and Silverfeather dangling from her jaws. As she watched, Indigo tripped over and let out a pitiful cry. Scarlet set Silverfeather down and picked up Indigo. Teal caught up to the rest of the group and nudged the closest raptor, who happened to be Greenfeather, and motioned for him to pick up her Terror Bird. Green was about Teal's age, and she'd had a ridiculous crush on him when she was younger. She'd gotten over it. Bronzefeather speculated that she would be partnered with him, after all, he was almost the only male raptor around her age. He nodded, saving his breath, and grabbed the terror bird. Teal ran over - or more accurately, power walked over - to Scarletfeather and grabbed Silver by the scruff of her neck. Scarletfeather didn't say anything, but she expressed her thanks with a friendly nudge.

They reached the ribcage and a few of the raptor collapsed - primarily the elder among the group. A hiss sounded from a large rock near the ribcage. Tealfeather turned to see Bloodfeather. "Okay! All prey, there. Let every raptor fo catch their own prey gather nest material. Those nursing baby raptors can stay." Bloodfeather growled, a note of authority clear in his voice. All around him, raptor set to work.

Teal growled angrily. She had barely gathered anything and she knew that Bloodfeather wasn't happy. It wasn't her fault! Ok, for one, those tall green plant things were *spiky*. Tealfeather's inner brooding was cut off by the sight of a small grove of trees. A Lystrosaurus was ambling toward the prospect of food. Instinct dropped Teal into a stalking crouch. There was no cover here, and the Lystro caught sight of her, letting out a squeal and sheltering behind a shrub. *Weird creatures*. Teal pounced on the lystrosaurus, not bothering to finish it off. It squealed pathetically while she ripped up the shrub it had unsuccessfully tried to hide behind before falling silent a short while after. She grabbed the corpse with her teeth and tangled her talons in the shrub. Teal set off toward camp.

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