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The Shift-

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The Shift-

A fanfiction by SilverWings

Prolouge + Chapter 1


The Shift

Prolouge -

It hit the ocean first. The Tusos, the Mosas, the Plesios, they never saw it coming, the silent killer. At least, that was what probably happened, it killed them. All the creatures, gone after the barrier hit them. Errors had been made. Where? No one knew, but one thing was for sure, something had shifted in the ARK, created this wall, and it wouldn't stop until it had devoured everything on it.

Chapter 1-

The Shift

Chapter 1 -

The raptor pounced, digging its hooked claws into the thick, leathery hide of the parasaur. The para bellowed in pain and took off, the raptor grimly hanging on. It let go, leaving a deep scratch in the para's leg before falling behind. The parasaur's momentum carried it forward into the thick vegetation near the beach, but it tripped and fell hard. The raptor caught up swiftly and leaped on the para's neck, breaking it.

"Quite the kill, Tealfeather!" yelled a voice from the beach.

"Thanks!" Tealfeather yelled back.

The other raptor walked into the forest, fastening it's teeth around the parasaur's tail.

"This will be... hard to carry back," the raptor mumbled with his mouth full of parasaur.

"It's not that far back to camp. Anyway, you're mother's big, strong Bronzefeather, capable of anything."

"That's not faaaair," Bronzefeather complained, "you know I hate having mother fawn over me as much as you do."

"She's counting the days until you get partnered, I'm sure of that. She can't wait to see if you can father an Alpha Raptor!"

Bronzefeather grunted. The truth was, Bronzefeather's partnering was only a moon away, and he was descended from an Alpha Raptor. Then again, so was Tealfeather. I'm only a moon younger than Bronze! Why isn't mother fawning over me aswell? Tealfeather thought frustratedly.

Bronzefeather had dropped the parasaur, but at that moment, he picked it up again and started viciously tugging it back in the direction of camp.


Tealfeather laughed and grabbed snapped neck of the parasaur.

"Nice job Bronzefeather," said Yellowfeather.

"Actually mother, Tealfeather caught and killed this one." Bronzefeather replied.

"Hmm, is that so?" She said, disinterested. "Well run along, go take it to the prey pile."

Tealfeather and Bronzefeather dragged their kill toward the large pile of prey that had been caught by the camp in the past few days. Tealfeather silently hoped she would get a piece of the parasaur and not one of the older chunks of meat. She wouldn't complain if she didn't though. After all, the clan elders would starve if they didn't hunt for them!

"Nice one Blue!" called Limefeather, or as Teal called him, One-Eye. The elder raptor had indeed lost his eye in a battle some years ago.

"It's Teal." She corrected.

"Aye, but teal is blue, is it not?"

"Um, no."

One-Eye looked like he was about to reply when his body visibly tensed and he shifted

his focus to something behind Tealfeather.

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