Claw the Raptor part 7

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Claw the Raptor part 7

"We're by the swamp,Claw." "No this is the other area." "Raptors! Just what we are looking for." "But there a carno. And there's another. And there's a alpha carno!" Claw said terrified "Claw let's go home there's 4 raptors and alot of carnos." "Yeah." Later after running for a few minutes "Claw its a spino!" "And there's a alpha Raptor! Over there's a theri!" "Claw im scared there is terrifying creatures everywhere and just us." "Its ok I think I can run past all this stuff we already got past the Raptors and Carnos." So we carefully ran through luckily nothing noticed us on our way home I started thinking "if we killed a alpha raptor before at base why can't we do it again?" I thought but apparently I said it out loud because claw said "We can't do it again because we would have to lead it home and I dont want to see all my friends die again." "But Claw we said any alpha Raptor we saw from then on we would give no mercy."

-Raptor girl

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