How I solo tamed it with no quetzals: Got on my platform saddle bronto got my pachy on a cliff dropped it onto it set them both to passive went up a mountain (bring sweet veg cakes bronto slips and falls a lot. A LOT. Mine only didn’t die because I had some spare vegan bois in the back (achatinas I had for cm on obsidian runs) had plenty of em tho. Next get on pachy at highest point and start Aggro misting. Kill anything that’s not a quetz. If you don’t want that lv or gender quetz then kill it log out go online walk down the mountain (not with ur tames just use a pteranodon so u can not take fall damage get gangbanged by allos or have a bumpy ride)then come back up and more will be there then repeat until correct quetz and knock it on ur saddle. Tame it set it on wandering passive go back to home base with ur bronto and pachy and req it. BOOM. My second method is somewhere in these tips you’ll have to find it. It’s super easy if u have a quetz. Not enuff room to type any more srry!

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