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Use honey.

Quetzal aren't attracted to rare flowers but they will try eating any honey you drop. So put the honey in your hotbar, fly slightly above the quetzal and use the honey. The quetzal will fly after the honey until its out of range.

Rinse and repeat to easily lure quetzal to the ground.

(You can store honey on fishing rods to reset the spoil timer)

Once it's grounded you can either build a trap around it (since quetzals struggle to actually eat the honey on the ground) or lure it into a pre built trap.

I managed to trap one with only 6 honey but id recommend bringing 20 or so to be safe.

It's also worth noting that a wild quetzal will never attack under any circumstances, so you can build the trap out of thatch to save resources. (Just make sure to keep other stuff away, like by using wooden spikes for example)

If your building the trap beforehand I'd recommend 16 thatch foundations in a square, 16 ceilings likewise and alternating columns of walls (like a birdcage) the quetzal needs around a 2 by 2 gap to fit through (I think) so avoid that and your good.

Height wise make the trap 3 or 4 walls tall, I think they technically CAN fit in 2 high but it's unlikely. Leave one side open for it to fly into and once you've got the quetzal close toss some honey in and place those last few walls to trap it.

Honestly I'm shocked how little this method is talked about, trapping the quetzal allows you to control where it gets knocked out so theres no worry of it falling in the water or directly into a rex's gaping maw. Plus it's honestly really easy.

Only downside is that it's hard to drag the quetzal long distances (length wise), so you have to build the trap near where you found it.


Use honey to lure quetzal to ground then trap in thatch box.

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