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you can get an eerie version of this in mobile singleplayer using

- a tek kibble processor

- an implant of a quetzal (doesn't matter if its chronicled, dead, unclaimed)

-1 eery element

-some kibble

-common sense

step one: get a quetzal implant

-common knowledge, either kill a quetzal, or chronicle a tamed one

step two: get at least 1 eery element, some high quality kibble, and a tek kibble processor

-you can get a tek kibble processor *blueprint* from certain chests in dungeons, if it is one of the primary rewards listed on the "view rewards" tab

-you can get eery element by killing a dungeon boss

-recommended you use kibble from eggs of large creatures, like rex, spino, bronto, theri

-after you have built a tek kibble processor (fairly expensive), put the implant, kibble, and eery element inside it

step 3: save scumming

-this is where common sense kicks in, there is a mechanic of ark mobile singleplayer called "manage save file", you can find it below the button where you play singleplayer mode in the menu

- you can save your progress on one save, and if the tek kibble processor consumes the quetzal implant, restore your save file and try again

-it is a 1% chance of turning the implant into an eerie one, once a menu pops up that says "something erry happened" you now have an eery quetzal implant and you can now revive/recall your quetzal using a revival platform/obelisk

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