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Want to tame one of these? Well, you came to the right place! These guys are pretty hard to tame. (Took me a month to find one) Here is a guild on how to tame one:

What You need to pack:

50 tranq arrows or 30-40 tranq darts

1crossbow or 2 crossbows or 1-2 Longneck rifles

50 raw prime meat or more

200 raw meat

500 narcotics just in case

Grappling hooks

What tames you might need:

Tapejara with its saddle ( 3 seater)

Argy with its saddle

Way number 1 ( I did it this way)

Hop on your argy and look for a quetzal (They usually spawn around the red obelisk near some islands)

Since Quetzals never land, look in the air for one.

Once you found one, Jump from your argy and grapple it. You may want to practice before you try to tame the quetzal. Whistle attack on the quetzal and hit it with tranq ammo. Feed it meat and there you go!

Way 2

To make this way short, do the same this as with the argy but use a tapejara and sit on the extra seats. Tranq it and feed it meat!

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