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Required: Tape/Griffin/Desmodus (best method: tape is low lvl/tamed at a low lvl), Rifle/Crossbow and Torpor ammo

Optional: Spike Fences

Step 1. Find your Quetzal

Step 2. Start Tranqing. On a Tape, set it to attack the quetzal and shoot from the second seat on the saddle. On a server it may be easier to have a friend/tribe member tranq it for you while you chase it

Step 3. Secure the area around your Quetzal. This can be with spike fences, or getting another tame/good weapon to fight off other creatures

Step 4. Tame

Step 5. Enjoy your quetzal :)

For those on this section saying things along the lines of “why are people making this so difficult ‘kill, revive, tame’”, Revival Platforms are not available on computer without mods. They are a specifically mobile thing along side amber and soothing balm, as well as other things.

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