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If you see a a lvl 10 or 20, and if you are only on 40 lvl with pterenedon and parachutes, jumb right above quetzal and hit at least 2 arrows each time. It will be k.o. in 10 to 20 arrows for real.

Or you can level up and use grappling hook. Take a pterenedon with low attack and high stamina, put some Wight on pterenedon to make it's speed same as quetzal. (Test it before flying by calling via whistle). Go above quetzal , open parachute and use grappling hook. Set the quetzal as target and you can change arrows to tranq and k.o. quetzal.

Keep your weight low only keep kibbles bio and tranq arrow in inventory and maybe some spikes in pterenedon because it may be slow when it is carrying you but once you choose quetzal as a target it will run neglacting your weight.

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