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If you don't own a quetzal or a tapejara already. This will be tricky. I suggest asking for some help on your server. However, if you do own a quetzal and want another one, here's some tips. You need to build a trap on your current quetzal's platform saddle. It needs to be 3 high and 3 long. You can use thatch. Make it 3 wide/long using thatch foundations. Make it 3 high using thatch door frames. Then add thatch ceilings. Leave where you're siting open. Don't cover that with door frames just yet. When you're flying at the quetzal make sure you're going at it head first. Once it's flying in place in your trap stand up and put the thatch door frames behind where you're sitting, connecting it to the foundations to the ceilings. Then start tranqing wait every 10 seconds while shooting it so you don't kill it. Good luck.

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