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For taking a quest first time, first game a low lvl so you can later catch a high 100+ quetz. First get a high level argentavis and get flak armor with water and food. Get 10 grapples and 10 parachutes, preload the crossbow with the grapple and add it to your inventory, also put the parachutes in your bar. If it’s a level 15 or so get 30-40 tranq darts or get 20 shocking tranq darts. Find the quetz and get near it in the air have your crossbow in your hand before you get on the argen, when you are near the quetz jump off your argen and equip the para, then immediately grapple argen. When you’ve done that, shoot a dart at the quetz then send your argen after it using the whistle, since quetz fly towards 50,50 you are near water, count how many times you hit it to make sure it doesn’t knock out over water, if it knocks out near 50,50 make sure you immediately put spike walls all the way around it. Once you’ve done that kill all creatures around, then give it prime and 200 narcotics. Cryo

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