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Theres 1 viable way to do it solo.

U need:

a grappling hook

something to tranq it

a argie/ir a good pteranodon


a spyglass

a parachute


a bit of meat

U fly near the red obelisk till u find 1 with a good lvl (or maybe some1 in the chat tells u where 1 is). U fly a bit lower and grapple on the belly of youre flying tame. Then u look at the wuetzal and whistle attack this target. When youre close u whistle it passive and start tranqing it (it has a head hitbox so do yourself a favour and aim for the head). When its down u put down spikes around it and put some normal meat in it while your getting prime meat (If u just put in prime meat it will lose all taming progress till u got the next charge). Using this method u dont even habe to take the saddle with u since u can just hop on your bird and whistle the quetz to follow u.

Btw this is such a great idea with the 100 bucks. Theres so much content coming together.

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