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SINGLE PLAYER TAMING - Grab a high level Argy with high stamina and a lot of grappling hooks, use your spyglass to look at the quetz and press attack, until you get close. When you get near the quetz, press U to stop it attacking, jump off your bird and shoot it with the grappling hook, make your bird attack the quetz, then switch to a second Xbow or long rifle with tranqs, aim for the head when you get close, and if your argy gets too close, simply press U! Rinse and repeat, it may take some time to get used to doing the grappling hook to the argue, but after that, it's easy! Good luck, happy taming!!


1) Get a good Argy

2) Find a quetz

3) Jump off the Argy and shoot it with a grappling hook

4) use the spyglass to attack the Quetzal

5) when you get close, press U to stop the Argy hurting the Quetz

6) switch to a secondary tranquilliser weapon

7) Aim for the head

8) Rinse and repeat until it falls!

Enjoy your Quetz!

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