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Owning my first Queztal makes life substantially easier in Ark. I use my Queztal for multipurposes like:

1. Transportation for general use.

2. Using as a dropship while extracting a recently tamed dino from a hostile area/ hot zone.

3. Using it as a platform while farming and gathering resources.

4. Using it as a Queztal taming cage to obtain another one.

5. Giving friends rides, or extracts with no flying dinos.

6. Buidling an almost universal structure on its platform helps you if you're short on resources, or at times, lazy like me when I do not feel like producing structures.

7. Best stamina dino while traversing long distances, or taking your kids on a family road- trip on Ark.

8. Almost forgot to mentioned, it is good for construction, especially for high elevated structures. You can also work while flying it,or work on its back.

Overall, the best dino in terms of usefulness, and fun I've ever had. Queztal is love, Queztal is life.

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