Dear Noobs,

To tame these, use a bola. Tranq arrows work the best but if you don't have any, just club it. Do NOT slingshot it, that will kill it. From there, it likes meat and depending on the level you may need a couple stacks, so get to killing all the weak dinos in a 15 mile vicinity. They won't mind. Now these things torpor drains really fast, but if your at the level where you have tranq arrows you should already have the narcotic engram. Just force feed them a couple of those until they love you! An important thing to note (not just with Pteras but all dinos) is that if you club it while it is asleep, or anything attacks it during the taming process, it will lose taming effectiveness. This will affect the levels and stats it gains from taming, so watch the are you are in and murder any carnivores or birds in the area if you feel they pose a threat.

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