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Your Pteranodon Taming Pocket Guide


Some info-

Let's face it, they're the first flyer you tamed. High levels are the best to tame, as their stamina stat is trash and you can use the highest level of stamina you can get without leveling up. Might (or might not) be replaced by an Argy or Griffin (for fancy people).


Super easy tames, a simple bola and tranq. Because of their tiny health pool I'd recommend tranq arrows and not a club or slingshot because, chances are, you'll just kill it before you knock it out. If you find a max level try to use kibble of raw prime, but normal meat works just as well. Even the lowest levels need a few narcotics, so bring some along no matter what level you're going after.

Saddling and stats-

Saddle requires fibre and hide (I think) as well as 75 keratin. Make sure to get the keratin before you can unlock the saddle. I know from personal experience that it sucks to unlock the saddle just to wait 10 in-game days for a turtle to spawn -_-

As for stats, they aren't too good. Low heath and stamina, although I personally only put points in stamina.

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