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=========== STORY TIME ===========

There was once a Pteranodon named Cheesecake (I was eating cheesecake when I tamed her). Cheesecake was... amazing. When I needed metal, she was there, needed obisidian, or crystal? She would be there. Cheesecake was such a lovely bird, but she was short lived... due to the fact I deleted the map she was on (Cheesecake lived on the Island). Then I began to play on Ragnarok, and she... was REBORN! As Cheesecake 2.0. The only difference that Cheesecake 2.0 had was he was a male, and I used him for killing. But.. not all good things live forever. One day, I was exploring the map when I saw a 135 direwoof. The woof aggroed on me... when I was out of stamina, on a rock. But I underestimated the rock. The rock betrayed me, and allowed the woof to climb on the rock. Cheesecake 2.0 was already on low health... throw a direwolf in the mix and it isn't gonna be pretty. And, well, We tried to get away.. but woof said no, and proceeded to kill Cheesecake 2.0. I died aswell. And since that day I didn't venture to the snow biome..

Rest In Peace Cheesecake and Cheesecake 2.0

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