Try to tame a high lvl 1 with kibble since dodo eggs are rly easy to get and u should have a bird with almost 300% melee damage. Lvl up its weight/stamina and mocement speed to get an incredible fighter. The barrel role is your best friend when fighting large predators like a rex or spino. They are one of the best ways to get prime meat since u can barrel role everything down frome a doedi over titanoboas and sarcos till low lvl brontos and medium lvl rexes and spinos (the prob with spinos is that they run in to the water to eat fish so that they can heal up very fast). Once downed u eat the dino with the ptera (prime meat lasts up to 8 mins in its inventory) and fly it to your tame. U can also pick up heavy geared players, fly high up in the sky and drop them.

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