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Mobile players, this one's for you.

Start off by throwing a Bola at it. If your target is lower than L30, a slingshot will work fine, otherwise use tranq arrows. Aim for the head to deal max torpor and minimal damage. Tranq users, be sure not to shoot your tame after it's unconscious. Feed it meat.


The Ptera has 3 moves it can use, only accessible while flying.

1. Swiping up on the left side triggers a grab motion that deals no damage. You can pick up Dilos, compys, lystros and dodos this way and carry them with you. They cannot damage you while being held, but they can deal damage when you grab them.

2. Tapping on the left triggers the basic attack, a stab with the beak.

3. You will want to reconfigure your controls for this. I suggest setting Right Multi-tap to "Reload/Alt Attack 2" in the Game Controls. That said, this triggers a barrel roll that deals significant damage but also costs a lot of stamina. Use it for a burst of speed or to finish off an opponent.

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