I knocked out my bird with only 1 trank arrow then I also tamed him with no narcotic I used dodo kibble (I'm still level 37 send help)I'm also sad because I'm in legit the eye of the storm .the only way to explore and get better tames in to fly out .Barry's are starting to spawn in my water so I cant even get out using a raft. a theri even spawned in the back on my island so I'm terrified of going back there where ALL the wood is! I'm saying this cuz Ark doesn't wanna give you the advantage of the sky Level up stamp and watch the weight.I also recommend to bola it before you to to snipe it mid-air.Their barrel roll attack can be used to get prime meat pretty well.(I know cuz on my other server I have a flyable one.)Please up-Vote!πŸ¦–πŸ’•

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