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Let me tell you something. Parasaurs are very smart and even though they are week they NEVER GIVE UP. WHY? It's because I have story with my parasaur. So in the wild I was taking a parasaur and in the wild they are not smart and do GIVE up. One hit on it, and the parasaur goes coocoo crashing into rocks and ALWAYS running to dangerous places. AND this was my first time playing ARK and I was so happy I tamed one(named him Pary) and so 9 seconds later a dilophosaur appeared! For me that was a big deal cause it was my first time playing so it killed me. I was thinking it will be over cause its night, my parasaur is probably gonna die and I lost all my stuff. So I decided to just carry on. So the next day, I wanted to look for some hide. Then I saw a parasaur on the beach and I'm happy that there is hide si right when I'm about to throw the spear at its head. I NOTICED IT WAS PARRY AND HE WAS CARRYING ALL MY STUFF! That's when I started to call every parasaur-Parry! For what he did!-Sasha

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