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Utility Roles for Parasaur:

1. Long Range Scout. Paras have naturally high stamina, so they can cover distance without needing to rest. Plus their turret mode gives you alerts for nearby enemies (level Movement Speed to ensure you can outrun any threats you come across...RIP my very first Para)

2. Pack Mule. Paras have very high weight for the early game. Even low level Paras can carry a lot of stuff. Just jump on it's back when you're overencumbered and it will take care of the rest. (level weight to make sure your mount doesn't get overencumbered as well)

3. Turret. As mentioned, Paras have an in-built turret mode to root out enemies. It has a pretty long range too so if your out exploring it can come in handy. (level Health and Melee Damage in case your Para gets jumped)

4. Berry Harvester. By far the easiest way to get berries is to use a Para. Need Narcoberries to make Narcotics? Use a Para! Need Mejoberries for tames? Use a Para! (level weight to carry as much berries as you can!)

My name is ShinyChimchar01 and if you like my tip, please up to let me know! I've done the same tips on the Trike and Raptor and my next tip will be on the Carbonemys.

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